Emma Coronel's Release: The Journey of El Chapo's Wife from Beauty Queen to Legal Battles



Emma Coronel: The story behind "El Chapo's" wife

Emma Coronel, often in the news for her relationship with notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, has been the epitome of intrigue and curiosity. Born in the United States, the 34-year-old met Guzman when she was a young beauty queen. Their paths crossed in a story that reads like a movie script, after which they got married in 2007 when she was only 18 years old.

Accusations against him

The US Bureau of Prisons has confirmed that Coronel will be released from a low-security prison institution in Los Angeles on Wednesday. This comes after his arrest in 2021 on drug trafficking charges. He faced the law head-on, pleading guilty to three counts in connection with his involvement in the Sinaloa drug cartel. These cases include conspiracy to launder money, distribute illegal drugs and engage in illegal financial transactions.

Emma's role was not limited to being merely a passive observer. He admitted to acting as a bridge, a messenger, between the cartel leader, Guzmán, and other members of the organization. This was especially so during his time in Mexico's Altiplano prison following his 2014 arrest.

Acceptance of Responsibility

The judge at his sentencing highlighted Coronel's quick acceptance of responsibility for his actions. This is exemplified by his agreement to forfeit to the US government a large sum of approximately $1.5 million of the income derived from his illegal activities. This act of taking accountability played a role in reducing his initial three-year sentence.

Guzman's history with the law

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán's legal troubles are well documented. Currently, he is serving a life sentence in the US after his extradition in 2017. His notoriety was further enhanced after two daring escapes from Mexican maximum-security prisons. One escape in particular demonstrated his resourcefulness and the extent of his networks; He managed to escape through a mile-long tunnel dug directly from his cell.

Uncertain future in Mexico

While the U.S. chapter appears to be closing with Coronel's imminent release, questions remain about his legal status in Mexico. As of now, it is unclear whether he will face charges for drug trafficking or other related crimes in his home country.

Additionally, following her release, Coronel has been ordered to serve two years of supervised release, to ensure that she complies with all legal conditions and does not engage in any further illegal activities.

A personal look at Emma

It is important to remember Emma Coronel as the person behind the headlines and legal battles. She has two daughters with Guzmán, forever linking her to the notorious drug mafia. Their initial meeting when she was a beauty queen paints a picture of a young woman caught up in a larger-than-life world. However, subsequent years, through arrests, court battles and media scrutiny, have revealed a more complex character, making his story more fascinating.


Emma Coronel's journey from a beauty queen to one deeply entangled in the world of drug cartels reflects the complex web of relationships, power dynamics and legal battles that mark the world of international drug trafficking. As she looks to the future beyond the confines of prison, one hopes for a path to liberation and peace for her and her family.


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