16-Year-Old Culinary Intern Heroically Saves Choking Elderly Man in Restaurant



Heroic 16-year-old culinary trainee rescues choking elderly man: A lesson on the importance of first aid knowledge

In today's fast-paced digital age, many people dismiss the value of traditional life-saving skills. However, a recent incident at a local eatery has caught the attention of many people, underscoring the undeniable importance of first aid knowledge. A 16-year-old culinary apprentice impressed not only with his cooking skills but also with his timely intervention using the Heimlich maneuver. His heroic act saved the life of an elderly man and it was all captured on the restaurant's security camera.

The moment that changed life

While the patrons were engrossed in their meal, an elderly gentleman began choking on his food. Panic spread, and it was a young culinary apprentice who arrived on the scene. Moving rapidly towards the upset customer, the student first attempted to remove the obstruction by slapping him on the back. When this method failed, he applied the Heimlich maneuver without wasting time and skillfully.

It was later revealed that the young man had recently learned this important life-saving technique on a social media platform. This is a great testament to the educational potential of digital platforms.

Public reaction and the power of social media

When the incident was posted on Instagram, it not only attracted widespread attention but also received heartwarming reactions from netizens. Many immediately hailed the young man as a hero, highlighting the calm and caring manner he displayed during the crisis. Others expressed their relief and happiness at the positive outcome of the event, and highlighted the importance of first aid awareness.

Amidst so many praises, a user commented, 'Sometimes heroes wear aprons.' Another shared, "How he continued to hold her." The praise continued with comments such as, "He's a hero! Look how caring and gentle he is towards that guy. Nice job young man!" and "It takes my breath away the whole time, oh my God! What an angel that young boy is!"

The Heimlich Maneuver: A Lifesaver in Distress

Originating from Dr. Henry Heimlich's innovative technique in 1974, the Heimlich maneuver has since become an important first aid method for choking incidents. Its efficacy lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, requiring no equipment.

To perform the Heimlich maneuver:

1. Positioning: Stand behind the victim with one foot slightly ahead of the other for balance. Wrap your arms around the waist, leaning the person slightly forward.
2. Placement: Make a fist with one hand and place the thumb in the middle of the victim's abdomen, above the navel but below the ribs.
3. Execution: Grab your fist with your other hand and press quickly, upward and forcefully into the stomach.

Repeat until the blockage is gone.

Primary Medical Education Required

This incident is a clear reminder of the importance of first aid education. Being equipped with the right knowledge can make the difference between life and death. Schools, communities and workplaces should prioritize teaching these essential skills.

Additionally, this story also reinforces the potential of social media as a powerful educational tool. As in this case, life-saving knowledge was disseminated through a digital platform, emphasizing that social media is not just for entertainment, but can be a tool for impactful learning.


The young culinary apprentice's quick thinking and knowledge gained through social media undoubtedly saved a life. As the digital age evolves, this event is a reminder of the balance between the traditional and the new. Embracing technology while giving importance to essential life skills is the way forward.


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