Udit Pawar Removed as SDM in Mirganj Following Controversial Video




The recent incident that took place in Mirganj city of Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh has attracted the attention of netizens and authorities. The then Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Mirganj Udit Pawar has been removed from his post after a video went viral in which a man is allegedly being 'punished' inside Pawar's office premises. Was.


Udit Pawar, respected in many circles as an efficient officer, recently found himself at the center of a storm. It is alleged that he instructed a man to "bow like a cock", a man who had made several attempts to seek the officer's intervention regarding the allotment of cremation land. However, Pawar denies these allegations.

Account of the victim

Pappu, a resident of Mandanpur village, highlighted the urgent need for a cremation ground. According to him, he had submitted the documents to Pawar highlighting the lack of cremation facilities in his village. Pappu explains, “I approached the SDM to address the important matter of the cremation ground of my village. I was insulted and allegedly forced to submit. Despite my pleas and explanations that I wanted justice, This is the third time I have come there in search, my concerns were ignored."

Village's plea

Mandanpur is home to both Hindu and Muslim communities. Despite the diverse religious demography, the village laments the lack of a dedicated cremation ground. Their complaint letter states that some members of the Muslim community have taken over the cremation ground area and designated it as a graveyard. This has created challenges for the local people, making it difficult to perform the last rites.

SDM's clarification

In response to the virality of the incident and the allegations, Udit Pawar gave his stand. According to him, after returning from the court he saw many people in his office. One of them was already in a prone position. Pawar said, "I was shocked by the man's stance and immediately inquired about it. I urged others to help him. However, meanwhile, someone captured the moment on video and immediately went Went. Contrary to popular belief, I took his complaint into consideration." And even instructed his accountant to resolve the matter. The notion that I received any kind of punishment is baseless."

District Magistrate's decision

Bareilly District Magistrate Shivkant Dwivedi considered Pawar's actions as negligence after examining the available video evidence and preliminary inquiry. This resulted in the immediate removal of Pawar from his post and the appointment of a new officer in his place.

Conclusion and way forward

Such incidents underline the importance of transparency, accountability and compassion in public service. It is paramount for officials to be receptive to public complaints and address them with compassion and efficiency.

While the district has taken steps to ensure justice, this episode serves as a reminder to all administrative bodies across the country. To regain and maintain public trust, it is important to ensure that every individual, regardless of his or her role, upholds the principles of fairness and righteousness.


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