Tragic Murder in Punjab: Hardeep Singh's Death Ignites Political Controversy



Tragedy in Punjab: The Murder of Hardeep Singh

Introduction to the Incident

The haunting shadows of interpersonal conflict and political tension converged tragically in Dhilwan tehsil of Kapurthala. The chilling events of one Tuesday evening have ignited fierce debates, making many question the rule of law in Punjab.

Briefing of the Incident

A young man, Hardeep Singh, also known as Deepa, was ruthlessly attacked and left for dead at his family's doorstep. His attackers delivered a taunting message to his parents, "here's your lion of a son," highlighting the sheer audacity and cruelty of the crime.

Political Repercussions

This case hasn't just stayed a personal tragedy; it has snowballed into a political controversy. Shiromani Akali Dal chief, Sukhbir Singh Badal, pointed fingers at the Aam Aadmi Party government, suggesting a "jungle raj" prevailing in Punjab.

The Backstory

Understanding the gravity of this incident requires a dive into the past, exploring the backgrounds of the involved parties.

Hardeep Singh’s Background

Hardeep Singh, or Deepa, had been avoiding his home due to fear of arrest. The reasons for this fear? A simmering dispute with another local, Harpreet Singh, commonly known as Happy.

Harpreet Singh’s Background

Happy wasn't an unknown entity in this tale. He too had cases lodged against him at Dhilwan police station, linking back to the dispute with Deepa.

Conflict Between the Two

These two young men weren't strangers. Their rivalry was well-documented, with both having cases registered against them. The nature of their dispute? Still, a part of ongoing investigations.

The Horrifying Night

The Arrival of the Culprits

On that fateful night, around 10:30 pm, an unexpected knock echoed through the Singh household. Considering the lateness of the hour, the parents approached with caution. What they heard and subsequently witnessed was beyond any horror they could imagine.

Discovering Deepa

Deepa, brutally injured, was laid at their doorstep. His harrowing words detailed how Happy and his gang attacked him with swords and kirpans, shedding light on the severe nature of the assault.

Police Intervention

ASI Kuldeep Singh’s Statement

The investigating officer, ASI Kuldeep Singh, acknowledged the previous cases against both parties. He mentioned that following this tragic incident, murder charges have been registered against Happy and five other unnamed suspects.

The Pursuit of Justice

Despite having leads and the primary accused identified, the culprits remain elusive, leaving many to question the efficiency and intent of the police force.

Political Ramifications

Badal's Reaction

Describing Deepa as a Kabaddi player, Sukhbir Singh Badal expressed his sorrow over the incident. His posts on social media platforms criticized the boldness of the criminals and questioned the security and order in Punjab.

Call for Mann’s Resignation

Alleging a state of "Jungle Raj" in Punjab, Badal strongly believes that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has failed in ensuring the safety and order of the state, urging him to step down immediately.


Tragic events like the murder of Hardeep Singh showcase the dangerous nexus of personal vendettas and political tensions. It serves as a grim reminder of the need for effective governance and justice systems that respond promptly and ensure the safety of its citizens.


  1. Where did the incident occur?
    • The incident took place in Dhilwan tehsil of Kapurthala.
  2. Who were the primary individuals involved in this incident?
    • Hardeep Singh alias Deepa and Harpreet Singh alias Happy were the central figures in this event.
  3. What are the political implications of this incident?
    • This incident has sparked criticism against the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab, with leaders like Sukhbir Singh Badal alleging a breakdown of law and order.
  4. Were there any previous disputes between the two main individuals?
    • Yes, both Hardeep Singh and Harpreet Singh had prior cases registered against them at the Dhilwan police station linked to their dispute.
  5. Has any arrest been made post the incident?
    • As of the latest information, no arrests have been made, although the police are actively pursuing leads.


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