Tragic Altercation at Hyderabad's Meridian Restaurant Over Extra Raita Results in Death



Hyderabad's famous culinary scene damaged by unexpected violence

An unfortunate incident took place in Hyderabad, a city known for its rich culinary heritage and delicious biryani, which has shocked its residents and food lovers across the country.

Incident at Meridian Restaurant

On a routine Sunday evening at the famous Meridian Restaurant in Punjagutta area, the usual bustle and fragrant air was disrupted due to a heated disagreement. This was not a simple joke about which version of biryani is better, but a tragic dispute that led to an unexpected death.

Liaquat, a 32-year-old patron, visited the establishment with a group of friends. What started as a request for extra raita, a traditional side dish with biryani, soon turned into a violent confrontation with the restaurant staff.

Description from CCTV footage

The footage recovered from the CCTV camera of the restaurant presents a chaotic picture. Both parties, patrons and hotel staff, can be seen aggressively engaging each other. The videos, which are now circulating on various social media platforms, show a particularly aggressive altercation between Liaquat and the hotel manager and others.

Eyewitness account

A person present during the incident, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed, "It all escalated so fast. It's hard to imagine that something as trivial as raita could lead to such a devastating end."

Police involvement and unfortunate death of Liaqat

As tension escalated, the parties concerned decided to take the case to Punjagutta police station. However, before the matter could be resolved, tragedy struck. As they neared the station, Liaquat started experiencing troubling symptoms, including difficulty breathing and severe chest pain. Moments later, he collapsed.

Immediate efforts were made to take him to the nearest medical facility, but upon reaching there, the hospital staff delivered sad news. Liaquat had died.

Medical Insight

While preliminary information from doctors indicates possible cardiac arrest as the cause of death, the exact cause will be clear only after the postmortem report comes.

Ongoing investigation

As the city grapples with the shock of the incident, the police have launched a thorough investigation. The primary focus is on dissecting the sequence of events leading to the violent altercation and the subsequent unfortunate death of Liaquat.

A moment of reflection

While this incident is undeniably tragic, it is a reminder of the need for patience, understanding, and calm even in heated moments. Establishments, regardless of their size, must prioritize the safety and well-being of their patrons. Similarly, as consumers, mutual respect for service providers is essential.

In a city where food is not just sustenance but a cultural experience, incidents like this cast a shadow over its vibrant culinary scene. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that such incidents are not repeated while preserving the heritage and sanctity of the culinary traditions of Hyderabad.


After such incidents, it is important for us to come together as a community. Efforts should focus on promoting a culture of mutual respect, understanding and empathy. We look forward to a swift and just resolution to this incident, and our thoughts are with the victim's family at this challenging time.


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