Shocking Video: Railway Staff Dumping Trash Onto Tracks Sparks Outrage



Housekeeping staff caught dumping garbage on tracks, Railways promises action

In the age of social media, it is no surprise that passengers often turn to platforms like Twitter to express their frustrations about the state of Indian trains. Complaints range from the quality of the food to the cleanliness of the bathrooms and the unpredictability of schedules. However, a recent incident posted on Twitter, involving a railway housekeeping staff member throwing garbage on the tracks of a moving train, has sparked a new wave of outrage.

Worrying video

The incident in question was captured in a video shared by a user named Saurabh. In the video, a railway employee can be seen collecting garbage, including plastic bottles and food wrappers, in a corner of the train compartment. What is particularly shocking is the staff member's manner of disposal. Instead of placing the garbage in proper garbage bags, he carelessly throws it out of the moving train, causing the garbage to scatter haphazardly on the railway tracks.

Call for accountability

Saurabh had a sharp caption accompanying the video: "Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan by Indian Railways!! Regular sight in almost 99% of trains running in IR. Not sure about the protocol, but it is a failure of the system. Thousands of tons." A lot of garbage is thrown on the tracks every day. Who should be held responsible for this?" To bring the issue to the attention of the authorities, Saurabh tagged the Railway Ministry and Railway Services.

Widespread problem or isolated incident?

Saurabh's claim that such practices are prevalent in Indian trains drew strong reactions from other users. Many people shared their own videos depicting similar incidents, further fueling outrage. The consensus among these concerned citizens was a call for "severe punishment" for those responsible.

A plea for passenger responsibility

While the behavior of railway staff is undeniably irresponsible, some users urged fellow passengers to be more responsible while disposing of their waste. One user pointed out, "Although it is disappointing to see this practice, passengers should also be responsible while disposing of waste, especially in long distance trains. Railways should consider involving TTEs to punish the offenders .This came in handy when smoking was banned."

Another commenter raised an important point, saying, "What about passengers who lazily leave their trash next to or under their seats, causing it to scatter? I always carry a plastic bag and collect the trash Until the cleaning crew comes to dispose of it."

Central Railway's response

In response to Saurabh's video and the subsequent public outcry, Central Railways took steps to address the issue. He requested Saurabh to provide the train number and date of the incident to initiate corrective action. This quick response from the authorities indicates a desire to resolve the problem immediately.

Need for systemic change

This incident and the subsequent online discussion highlights a wider issue within the Indian Railways system. Although there may be individual examples of irresponsible behavior, systemic change is also desperately needed. There should be proper waste disposal facilities and protocols in place to prevent such incidents from happening.

Call for strict enforcement

To curb this dangerous and unsightly practice, it is necessary to take strict enforcement measures. Railway authorities should consider imposing fines on passengers caught littering, as they did in the case of smoking. Additionally, a more robust monitoring system for the actions of railway employees is important to ensure that they follow proper waste disposal protocols.

Promoting passenger awareness

Passengers also play a role in maintaining the cleanliness of trains. Awareness campaigns and signage should be used to educate passengers about responsible waste disposal. By fostering a sense of responsibility among passengers, the railway system can gradually become cleaner and more sustainable.


The incident of a railway housekeeping staff member throwing garbage on the tracks of a moving train is a reminder of the challenges faced by the Indian Railways system. While social media can bring such issues to light, it is the responsibility of both passengers and railway officials to work together to bring about meaningful change. Strict enforcement, public awareness and commitment towards cleanliness can transform railways into a cleaner and more pleasant mode of transport for all.


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