iPhone 15 Launch in India Sparks Chaos and Violence Among Apple Fans



The Unstoppable Apple Frenzy: iPhone 15 Launch Sparks Chaos and Violence


In the world of smartphones, one name stands out above the rest – Apple. With each new release, the tech giant manages to create a buzz like no other. The recent launch of the iPhone 15 was no exception. Despite its hefty price tag, Apple enthusiasts across India couldn't contain their excitement. They lined up for hours, but for some, the anticipation turned into frustration, leading to an unexpected outbreak of violence. In this article, we will delve into the frenzy that surrounded the iPhone 15 launch, the shocking incident in Delhi, and the overwhelming excitement that gripped fans across the country.

The iPhone 15 Hype

Apple has mastered the art of building anticipation. With every new iPhone, they manage to capture the imagination of millions. The iPhone 15 was no different. As soon as it was announced, fans eagerly awaited its release, even if it meant parting with over a lakh of rupees. The desire to own the latest and greatest from Apple is a phenomenon in itself.

A Shocking Incident

The excitement reached its peak in Delhi when two customers, Jaskirat Singh and Mandeep Singh, decided to take matters into their own hands. Faced with the news that the delivery of their prized iPhone 15s would be delayed, they resorted to violence. A video from the Kamla Nagar Market in North Delhi went viral, showing the two men assaulting two employees of an electronics showroom.

The reason behind this sudden outburst of anger was simple - the store staff had promised the men the delivery of iPhones on the first day of sale in India, but they couldn't fulfill their promise. The disappointment turned into rage, and even the intervention of over ten employees couldn't prevent their colleagues from being severely beaten.

The Chaos Spreads

The shocking incident in Delhi was not an isolated one. Reports emerged from different parts of the country of people traveling great distances to get their hands on the new iPhone. Some flew in from places like Ahmedabad and Bengaluru to be among the first customers at India's first Apple Store at Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC).

"I have been here since 3 pm on Thursday. I waited in the queue for 17 hours to get the first iPhone at India's first Apple store. I have come from Ahmedabad," said one eager customer.

Another customer, Vivek, from Bengaluru expressed his excitement, saying, "I am happy I am getting my new iPhone 15 Pro. I am very excited."

Aan, who had also traveled from Ahmedabad, shared his enthusiasm, "I flew in on Thursday. I was here at the store at 5 or 6 o'clock. I was at the store opening a few months ago where I was fortunate enough to meet Tim Cook for the second time."


The launch of the iPhone 15 in India was nothing short of a spectacle. The frenzy and excitement it generated were unparalleled. However, it also highlighted the extreme lengths some fans are willing to go to in order to secure their prized possession. While the majority of customers exhibited patience and enthusiasm, the incident in Delhi serves as a reminder that for a few, the desire for an iPhone can turn into something darker.


  1. Why was the iPhone 15 launch in India so hyped? The iPhone 15 launch in India generated immense hype due to Apple's reputation for creating innovative and desirable products.

  2. What led to the violent incident in Delhi during the iPhone 15 launch? Two customers in Delhi became violent when they were informed that their iPhone 15 deliveries would be delayed, despite promises of same-day delivery.

  3. Did similar incidents occur in other parts of India during the iPhone 15 launch? Yes, there were reports of customers traveling from various cities to be among the first to purchase the new iPhone.

  4. Why do Apple products create such excitement among consumers? Apple products are known for their sleek design, advanced technology, and a loyal fan base that eagerly anticipates each new release.

  5. What does the incident in Delhi during the iPhone 15 launch teach us? The incident serves as a reminder that while most customers exhibit patience and enthusiasm, extreme desire for an iPhone can lead to unfortunate consequences, such as violence.


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