Majority Supports Hollywood Writers & Actors Over Studios, New Poll Reveals



Public Sympathies in the Hollywood Strike: An Insightful Analysis


Hollywood has long been the beacon of global entertainment. But beneath the glitz and glamour, there's an ongoing struggle. Recent months have seen Hollywood actors and writers on strike, voicing their demands for fair compensation and job security. And as they picket, the public watches, and opinions form. How deep does the public sentiment run? Let's dive in.

Public Sentiment: A Deep Dive

General sympathies towards actors and writers

An enlightening poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research throws light on the fact that 55% of U.S. adults side with the writers and actors in this dispute against the studios. Only a minuscule 3% lean towards the studios. Clearly, there's a larger sentiment of support for the creatives.

The political divide in sympathies

The waters get murkier when politics comes into play. While 70% of Democrats show sympathy towards the writers and actors, this number dwindles to 47% for Independents and 39% for Republicans. On the flip side, Republicans are more likely to remain neutral.

Extent of Public Support

Actions the public would consider

It's one thing to voice support and another to take action. While the support seems robust, its depth can be questioned. Only a third of those polled consider boycotting TV shows, with 27% mulling over canceling streaming services. Movie theater boycotts? A mere 30% would think about it.

Actions the public wouldn't consider

With 41% stating they wouldn't boycott TV shows, 44% refraining from canceling streaming services, and 34% not inclined to boycott movie theaters, it's evident that while sympathies exist, actionable support is less fervent.

The Voices from the Ground

James Denton of Louisville, Kentucky, voices his strong support, grounding it in his union lineage. Yet, despite his approval of the strikes, he admits he wouldn’t consider major actions like boycotting. Why? "I don’t watch anything anyway," he states plainly.

Current Scenario of the Strike

The protest continues to gain traction. The Writers Guild of America is back at the negotiation table, and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Radio and Television Artists waits for its turn, echoing the gravity of the situation.

Compensation Debate

The public seems clear on one thing - 56% believe screenwriters should earn more. However, this sympathy doesn’t extend as generously to actors, with only 38% advocating for a pay raise for them. Age plays a factor here, with younger adults being more supportive of actor wage hikes.

AI in Entertainment: A New Challenge

The rise of AI in Hollywood is another bone of contention. Surprisingly, younger individuals seem more skeptical, with 55% of them believing studios shouldn't replace human writers with AI, compared to 42% of their older counterparts. The consensus? 48% don't want AI to replace human touch, and 52% see AI involvement in content creation negatively.


While Hollywood's strike shines a light on pertinent issues within the industry, the depth of actionable public support remains shallow. The intersections of politics, age, and advancements like AI further complicate matters. Still, one thing is clear: the world is watching, and it leans towards supporting the creatives, albeit from a distance.


  1. What percentage of the public supports the writers and actors in the Hollywood strike?

    • 55% of U.S. adults sympathize with the writers and actors.
  2. How does political affiliation impact the support for the strike?

    • Democrats (70%) are more supportive than Independents (47%) and Republicans (39%).
  3. Are the public in favor of writers getting a pay bump?

    • Yes, 56% believe screenwriters should be paid more.
  4. What's the public stance on AI replacing writers in entertainment?

    • 48% believe studios should be prevented from replacing human writers with AI.
  5. How does age affect views on AI in entertainment?

    • Younger individuals (under 45) are more skeptical of AI in content creation than older ones.


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