Tiger 3 Box Office: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's Film Makes History with Rs 235 Crore Weekend Collection



Tiger 3 Worldwide Opening Weekend Box Office: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif Film Shatters Records with Rs 235 Crore Collection
In the world of Indian cinema, where box office collections often serve as a benchmark for success, the much-anticipated release of "Tiger 3," featuring the dynamic duo of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, has taken the global film industry by storm. The film, directed by Maneesh Sharma, has not only exceeded expectations but has also created history with its unprecedented opening weekend collection of Rs 235 crore. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in the careers of both Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, making "Tiger 3" an undeniable sensation in the world of Bollywood.

A Spectacular Opening Weekend
Day 1: Rs 92 Crore
The opening day of "Tiger 3" witnessed a phenomenal start as it raked in a staggering Rs 92 crore at the worldwide box office. The buzz surrounding the film, combined with the immense popularity of its lead actors, contributed to this outstanding initial reception.

Day 2: Rs 81.85 Crore
Following its sensational debut, "Tiger 3" continued to roar at the box office with collections amounting to Rs 81.85 crore on its second day. The movie's gripping storyline and high-octane action sequences kept audiences glued to their seats.

Day 3: Rs 62.5 Crore
Maintaining its momentum, "Tiger 3" collected an impressive Rs 62.5 crore on its third day, further solidifying its position as a blockbuster. The film's ability to engage viewers over the weekend showcased its mass appeal.

The Total Collection
Combining the three-day collections, "Tiger 3" amassed a staggering sum of Rs 236 crore. This remarkable achievement demonstrates the film's immense popularity among audiences, both in India and abroad.

Premier Showings
The film's success story also includes earnings of approximately Rs 17 crore from premier shows held on Saturday, adding to its overall box office glory.

India Nett Collections
"Tiger 3" made a remarkable impact on the Indian box office, with collections of Rs 43.50 crore on Sunday, followed by Rs 59.25 crore on Monday and Rs 43.50 crore on Tuesday, resulting in a total of Rs 144.25 crore. The nationwide gross of the film stands at an impressive Rs 176 crore.

Overseas Triumph
The international market welcomed "Tiger 3" with open arms, with an opening of USD 4.75 Million (approximately Rs 40 crore), including premier shows on Sunday. This was followed by USD 1.30 Million (approximately Rs 10.75 crore) on Monday and USD 1.20 Million (approximately Rs 10 crore) on Tuesday. The cumulative international weekend collection for "Tiger 3" stands at an astounding USD 7.15 Million (approximately Rs 59.50 crore).

A Historic Achievement
The cumulative three-day collection of "Tiger 3" not only marks a milestone for the film but also places it among the highest-grossing Hindi films of all time. It now ranks as the third highest-grossing film of Hindi origin, following the monumental successes of Shah Rukh Khan starrers "Jawan" (Rs 380 crore) and "Pathaan" (Rs 314 crore).

Global Box Office Collections
India Gross: Rs 176 crore
Overseas: Rs 59.50 crore
Total: Rs 535 crore (Estimates)
Setting New Targets
As "Tiger 3" continues its remarkable journey at the box office, it sets its sights on achieving a four-day global total in the vicinity of Rs 270 crore. With the target for the global opening weekend set at around the Rs 350 crore mark, the film has clearly raised the bar for future Bollywood releases.

Sustaining the Momentum
While the three-day business of "Tiger 3" has been excellent, the real challenge lies in its sustainability. It remains to be seen whether the film can maintain its impressive performance and achieve a monumental total in the long run.

In conclusion, "Tiger 3" has not only shattered records but has also redefined the standards of success in the world of Indian cinema. With its thrilling storyline, stellar performances by Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, and exceptional box office collections, this film is destined to be remembered as a cinematic masterpiece.


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