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Anjali Gupta is a content writer with a career spanning over 5 years. She started her journey in 2018 venturing into the fast-paced world of media and reporting. Anjali has a BA in Journalism, giving her the academic foundation to understand and navigate the complexities of the industry. Her vast experience and deep knowledge of her industry have earned her a reputation as a trusted source of news and insights. Anjali's work ranges from politics and business to technology and social issues. Her narrative approach is backed by meticulous research and a commitment to presenting factual and balanced information.

Latest Articles by Anjali Gupta


Ethiopian Runner Tigst Assefa Shatters Women's Marathon World Record in Berlin

Discover how Tigst Assefa, an Ethiopian sensation, broke the women's marathon world record in Berlin, leaving the world in awe. Read about her incredible journey and Eliud Kipchoge's triumph in this historic race.


Security Breach in Varanasi: Man Attempts to Meet PM Modi

A distressed man, Krishna Kumar, breached security in Varanasi to seek a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kumar, a BJP worker, wanted the PM's help in joining the Indian Army. This incident occurred during the foundation-laying ceremony of an International Cricket Stadium attended by cricket legends. PM Modi expressed hope for the region's sports future. Despite the breach, security acted swiftly.


US Diplomat Confirms Shared Intelligence Behind Trudeau's India Allegations

A top US diplomat has revealed shared intelligence among Five Eyes partners that influenced Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's claims about Indian involvement in a murder case. This article explores the details and implications.


Surprising Discovery: Box Jellyfish Can Learn, Defying Expectations

Researchers have found that box jellyfish, typically thought to be simple creatures, can actually learn. They discovered this by studying how these jellyfish navigate through mangrove roots. It's a remarkable revelation that challenges our understanding of marine life.


Chucky Doll Used in Real-Life Scare in Monclova: Full Story Unveiled

A man in Monclova uses the iconic Chucky doll to terrorize locals, resulting in his arrest. This incident shines a light on how pop culture figures can be misused in reality, leading to significant societal implications.


Teen's Tragic Death: Mackenzie Shirilla's Reckless Act Shatters Families

A heartbreaking story unfolds as a young woman's deliberate car crash claims the life of a promising teenager. Davion Flanagan, who had overcome adversity, tragically loses his life. Mackenzie Shirilla's actions raise questions about motive and justice.


Savannah Chrisley's Ex-Fiancé, Nic Kerdiles, Dies in Tragic Motorcycle Crash

Former NHL Player Nic Kerdiles tragically passes away in a motorcycle accident. Details on the crash, his past relationship with Savannah Chrisley, and his battle with mental health.


Terrifying Landslide in Uttarakhand: House Collapse Caught on Video

A shocking video shows a two-story house collapsing due to a landslide in Uttarakhand. Luckily, no one was harmed as the house had been evacuated earlier. The incident underscores the growing impact of climate change on rain-related disasters in the region.

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