Massive Fire Devastates Dhaka's Mohammadpur Market



Devastation caused by massive fire in Mohammadpur market of Dhaka

Several hundred shops were gutted in a massive fire at Mohammadpur Market, in the heart of Bangladesh's bustling capital Dhaka. The incident came to light early on Thursday, taking the vibrant market district by surprise. However, amidst the chaos and devastation, a ray of hope emerged – there were no casualties. In this article, we will detail the horrifying details of this hell and the heroic efforts made to bring it under control.

Cruel spread of blaze

As the sun began to rise, shedding its faint light over Dhaka, a massive fire broke out in the Mohammadpur market. The rapid progress of Hell left the audience in awe and shock. It took a total of six arduous hours for military forces and a dedicated team of firefighters to finally bring the fire under control, preventing it from causing further destruction.

The rapid increase in fires can be attributed to the abundance of highly flammable items in the market. Cooking oil and plastic products in particular increased the intensity of the fire, turning the market into a blazing cauldron of destruction. The scale of the inferno was a sobering testament to the vulnerability of densely populated urban areas when facing such cataclysmic events.

A glimpse of reason

Fire service officer Shahjahan Sikdar, who was tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the origin of the fire, pointed to the likely culprit – an electrical short circuit. This devastating incident, which ruined countless businesses, appears to have been started by an innocent electrical fault. Within hours, the livelihoods of many shop owners were reduced to ashes.

A shop owner's desperate plea

"My family was dependent on this shop, what to do now? Everything has been reduced to ashes," lamented a shop owner, echoing the sentiments of many who have lost their livelihoods in the devastating fire. Mohammadpur Bazaar was not just a place of trade; It was the lifeblood of countless families who depended on these shops for their livelihood. The emotional impact of this disaster was immeasurable.

Fight against fire continues in Dhaka

Sadly, fires are nothing new for the densely populated city of Dhaka, which has seen a rapid construction boom in recent years. In the race for urban development, safety measures are often ignored, increasing the risk of fire spreading. The dangers are numerous, ranging from faulty gas cylinders to faulty air conditioners and shoddy electrical wiring.

In April of the same year, another devastating fire occurred in Dhaka, this time in a shopping complex. Several firefighters were injured, and approximately 5,000 shops were burned to the ground. These incidents underline the urgent need for better security measures and strict building codes in the city.


The massive fire that broke out in Dhaka's Mohammadpur market is a reminder of the vulnerability of densely populated urban areas to fire disasters. The rapid spread of fires caused by flammable materials and heartbreaking stories of shop owners who lost everything are a poignant symbol of the challenges facing this vibrant city.

Although the cause of the fire appears to be an electrical short circuit, the underlying issue is the need for better safety standards and fire prevention measures in Dhaka. The city's ongoing battle with fire should serve as a warning to authorities and the community at large.

In view of this tragedy, it is imperative that measures are taken to prevent recurrence of such disasters. Strengthening building codes, conducting regular safety inspections and educating the public about fire safety are essential steps towards Dhaka's safe future.


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