Reza Baluchi's Atlantic Crossing Attempt in Unique Hamster Wheel Vessel



The journey begins

On the calm morning of August 26, the Atlantic Ocean witnessed an unusual sight. Reza Baluchi, a 44-year-old marathon runner, set out on a journey, attempting to cross the vast body of water in a homemade boat that resembled a hamster wheel.

A closer look at the ship

The wonder of this ship is not just its unique design. It is carefully designed in the shape of a wheel. Innovative paddle system ensures that as the wheel turns, the vessel moves forward. The complexity of the design lies in its buoyancy system, which is maintained by a combination of wiring and buoys. However, what might have seemed like an engineer's dream turned out to be a dangerous endeavor.

Coast Guard intervention

About 70 miles off the coast of Tybee Island, Georgia, the US Coast Guard stopped Baluchi's ambitious voyage. The authorities were not unfamiliar with Baluchi's maritime migrations. This particular voyage was the fourth of its kind, the previous three voyages also ending with Coast Guard intervention.

Concern increased over the condition of the ship. Believing Baluchi's voyage to be "clearly unsafe", the Coast Guard attempted to rescue her. However, this was not a straightforward operation. Baluchi remained determined to continue his journey and refused to leave his ship for three difficult days.

The storm is coming as the tension rises

As the days wore on and talks with the Baluchis continued, officials on the mainland were preparing for an impending major storm. The stakes were high for both the Baluchis aboard the ship and the residents waiting out the storm.

Adding to the urgency of the situation, Baluchi reportedly threatened to take his own life and claimed that there was a bomb on his ship. This dramatic announcement further aggravated the situation. After a standoff that lasted until 1 September, Baluchi finally surrendered and was safely taken to a Coast Guard base in Miami. It was later determined that the declared "bomb" was a hoax.

Legal Consequences and Past Efforts

After an intense sequence of events, Baluchi now faces the daunting challenge of legal proceedings. He has been charged with obstructing boarding and disobeying an order from the Captain of the Port.

This recent voyage is not Baluchi's first attempt at sea travel in his unique "bubble" vessel. In 2021, he found himself in a similar dilemma, drifting 30 miles while attempting to travel from Florida to New York. Earlier, in 2014 and 2016, similar trips were made to rescue operations near St. Augustine and off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, respectively.

A mission beyond adventure

For many, the question arises again and again - why? Why does Reza Baluchi repeatedly embark on these dangerous sea adventures?

Through numerous interviews over the years, Baluchi has consistently maintained his philanthropic aims. He tries to raise money for various causes, most notably the homeless, the Coast Guard, the police department, and the fire department. He passionately believes in public service organizations that work relentlessly for public safety and welfare.

In a heartfelt interview with WOFL-TV in Orlando in 2021, Baluchi stressed, "My goal is not only to raise money for the homeless, to raise money for the Coast Guard, to raise money for the police department, the fire To raise money for the department. They're in a public service, they do it for safety, and they help other people."


Reza Baluchi's journeys are a testament to human determination and resilience. Although the practicality and safety of their methods may be questioned, their underlying intent remains noble. It is a tale of adventure, ambition and altruism woven into the vast canvas of the Atlantic.


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