List of Companies that Donated to Israel Aid since the 7th October Attacks



Philanthropy in Times of Crisis: Corporate Contributions to Israel Following October 7 Incidents


In the wake of the October 7 incidents in Israel, there has been a remarkable wave of generosity from the global corporate sector. This article will explore the contributions made by various companies in response to the crises, offering a deeper look into each entity's approach and the collective impact of these donations.

Overview of Corporate Donations

The corporate world has demonstrated solidarity with Israel, extending monetary aid and support. From technology giants to investment firms, the breadth of contributions is a testament to the global community's response to humanitarian needs during times of crisis.

Oracle’s Generosity

Oracle, a leading technology company, stepped forward with a donation of 1 million dollars, setting a precedent for corporate philanthropy.

Delta Airlines’ Unique Support

Delta Airlines, while suspending flights to and through Israel, donated 1 million dollars, balancing operational decisions with humanitarian aid.

Salesforce’s Substantial Aid

Salesforce, known for its CRM solutions, contributed 3 million USD to assist with the emergent needs created by the incidents.

Meta’s Pledge against Hate Speech

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, not only provided financial support but also took serious steps in removing content that praises or supports Hamas from its platforms.

Google’s CEO Pledges Support

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, pledged a significant amount of 8 million USD to relief organizations in Israel, showcasing personal leadership in the philanthropic front.

Cisco’s Employee-Centric Grants

Cisco has taken a unique approach by offering grants to each of its 800 employees in Israel, with amounts ranging from 2400 USD to 4600 USD, thus supporting both its employees and the larger community.


Disney donates $2 mln to Israel aid groups

In a heartening display of solidarity and support, The Walt Disney Company has joined the cohort of global corporations offering aid to Israel in the aftermath of the October 7th incidents. With a generous donation of $2 million to Israeli aid, Disney's contribution is a beacon of hope, underpinning the entertainment giant's commitment to corporate social responsibility and humanitarian efforts. This philanthropic gesture will bolster the ongoing relief operations and provide much-needed assistance to the communities affected by the crisis, ensuring that the magic of Disney transcends the realm of storytelling to make a tangible difference in the real world.

Paramount Pictures Steps Forward

The entertainment industry, through Paramount Pictures, also showed its support by donating 1 million USD.

Jefferies' Investment in Charity

Jefferies, with offices across the globe, raised 13 million USD to distribute among 10 selected charities in Israel, underlining the firm's commitment to global citizenship.

Leaders Fund’s Major Contribution

Canadian investment fund Leaders Fund made a landmark donation of 50 million USD to Israeli aid organizations, one of the largest individual contributions in this context.

Impact of These Donations

The donations are more than just financial aid; they serve as a bridge to recovery and resilience. By examining the allocation and use of these funds, we can understand the significant difference these contributions make.

Strengthening of Israeli Aid Organizations

With the influx of corporate donations, Israeli aid organizations are better equipped to serve communities affected by the October 7 incidents, bolstering their capacity for assistance and rehabilitation.

Support for Affected Communities

These funds are expected to reach various communities, providing essential services and 

support to those directly impacted by the incidents, aiding in the restoration of normalcy and stability in the region.

The Corporate Role in Humanitarian Assistance

Beyond the immediate financial contributions, these corporate actions also signify a broader commitment to humanitarian assistance and the responsibilities of global companies in supporting crisis-affected areas.


The outpouring of support from these corporations exemplifies a spirit of global unity and responsibility. As we witness the tangible impacts of these donations, we are reminded of the powerful role that corporate entities can play in the face of adversity, offering not just resources, but also hope.


  1. How do corporate donations to crisis regions make a difference? Corporate donations can provide immediate relief for emergency response, fund longer-term recovery efforts, and help build resilience in communities facing adversity.

  2. What motivated these companies to donate to Israel following the October 7 incidents? Companies are increasingly recognizing their social responsibility, and many feel compelled to contribute to global humanitarian efforts, particularly in crisis situations that resonate with their corporate values or affect regions where they operate.

  3. How will the removal of certain content by Meta contribute to the situation? By taking steps to remove content that supports or praises violence, Meta aims to reduce the spread of hate speech and potentially harmful propaganda, contributing to a safer online environment.

  4. Why did Cisco choose to give grants to employees in Israel? Cisco's decision to provide grants directly to its employees in Israel may reflect a commitment to personal welfare and community support, ensuring that their own staff has the means to contribute to and navigate through the crisis.

  5. Can these corporate contributions be seen as part of a larger trend in business practices? Yes, there's a growing trend of corporate social responsibility where businesses are taking active roles in addressing social, environmental, and economic issues globally.


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