India Suspends Canadian Visas: How It Affects Travelers and Residents



The Impact of India's Visa Suspension on Canadian Travelers and Residents

In recent days, the phone lines at Vancouver-based tourism companies have been buzzing incessantly with concerned Canadian citizens. The reason? India has made a significant announcement that is causing a wave of uncertainty and worry among those planning to travel to the country. The announcement revolves around the suspension of visa services for Canadian citizens, citing safety concerns for its staff. In this article, we will delve into the repercussions of this decision and how it affects Canadian travelers and residents.

The Concerns of Travelers

Radhika Sharma, an employee at Explore India, an organization specializing in tours to India, has witnessed firsthand the growing concerns among travelers. She explains that those with a valid visa should be unaffected, but the real apprehension lies with those who have not yet applied. The uncertainty surrounding whether they will obtain their visas is causing significant distress.

A Political Backdrop

This abrupt suspension of visa services comes on the heels of a public accusation by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He suggested that India may have played a role in the murder of a Sikh separatist on Canadian soil, a claim that India has vehemently denied, labeling it as "absurd." This political tension has escalated the situation, leaving travelers caught in the crossfire.

Canada's Significance to Indian Tourism

Canada ranks among the top five source countries of foreign visitors to India, with over 80,000 Canadians traveling there in 2021. While the visa suspension may not significantly disrupt travel plans for many of Canada's 1.86 million residents of Indian descent, it raises questions about their future in the country.

Different Rules for Different Citizens

Indian citizens like Radhika Sharma are still free to visit India, as are Canadian citizens holding an Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) card. The issue at hand is not about traveling to India but concerns the incitement of violence and the potential disruption of the Indian high commission and consulates.

The Impact on Students and Long-Term Plans

Radhika Sharma, who is also a student in Canada, highlights how the recent tensions between the two countries are causing her to reconsider her long-term plans. Many students aiming for permanent residency in Canada are feeling tense and reevaluating their decisions. There's a genuine concern about whether this rift will affect their ability to stay in Canada or visit their families in India.

A Strong Indo-Canadian Connection

Canada boasts a substantial Indo-Canadian population with deep ties to India. It's a preferred destination for Indians seeking to study abroad, and Indian residents are among the top immigrants in Canada. However, the current situation casts a shadow of doubt over the future economic ties between the two nations.

Economic Concerns

Hemant Shah, an Indian-Canadian who has lived in Canada for nearly half a century, expresses his apprehensions about the impact on trade and business relations. He points out that many Canadian companies operate in India, and any negative repercussions on business could be detrimental.

Reassurance Amidst Uncertainty

At Explore India, Radhika Sharma is doing her best to reassure Canadians with valid visas that it is still safe to visit India. Despite political tensions, she emphasizes that Indians on the ground are eager to welcome tourists from Canada. Similarly, she feels safe in Canada despite India's travel advisory to its nationals, urging "utmost caution" when visiting the North American country.

A Shared Desire for Harmony

In conclusion, while the suspension of visa services has raised questions and concerns among Canadian travelers and residents, there is a shared desire for maintaining harmony between India and Canada. Both countries have much to gain from their positive relationship, and efforts to alleviate tensions are essential for the benefit of their citizens and economies.


  1. How long is the visa suspension expected to last?

    • The duration of the visa suspension remains uncertain, and it largely depends on the resolution of the political tensions between India and Canada.
  2. Are there any exceptions to the visa suspension for specific categories of travelers?

    • The details of any exceptions, if applicable, have not been clarified in the announcement. Travelers are advised to stay updated through official channels.
  3. Is it safe for Canadian citizens with valid visas to travel to India despite the political tensions?

    • Despite the tensions, travelers with valid visas should generally be safe to visit India. However, it's advisable to stay informed about the situation before making any travel plans.
  4. How can Canadian citizens with pending visa applications check the status of their visas?

    • Those with pending visa applications should contact the relevant Indian authorities or consulates for information regarding the status of their applications.
  5. What steps can be taken to promote better relations between India and Canada?

    • Promoting better relations involves diplomatic efforts and open dialogue between the two countries' leaders. Citizens can also play a role by fostering cultural exchange and understanding.


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