Exciting Plans Revealed: Miami Beach's Clevelander Hotel to Transform into Restaurant and Affordable Housing



Replaced with high-end restaurants and affordable housing

In a significant announcement that is set to reshape the skyline and character of Miami Beach, Jesta Group, owner of the renowned Clevelander Hotel & Bar on Ocean Drive, has revealed its ambitious plans for a transformational development project. The initiative aims to replace the iconic hotel and bar with a high-end restaurant and introduce affordable housing units, ushering in a new era for this historic area.

Revitalizing Miami Beach's iconic landscape

Miami Beach, with its stunning coastline and vibrant cultural scene, has long been a center of luxury and entertainment. The Clevelander Hotel & Bar, a highlight of this coastal paradise, has captured the hearts of locals and tourists for generations. However, as times change, so do the needs and aspirations of the community.

Jesta Group, always committed to enhancing the unique appeal of Miami Beach, is embarking on a journey that promises to honor the past and embrace the future. His comprehensive plan to be presented to the City of Miami Beach envisions a development that will not only preserve the historic Art Deco aspects but also usher in a new era of affordability and accessibility.

A visionary approach to affordable housing

The most notable aspect of this ambitious project is its commitment to affordable housing. In an era when the cost of living has increased throughout Miami Beach and Florida, Zesta Group's decision to allocate 40% of the units as affordable housing is a testament to their dedication to the community.

Rising rent prices in Miami Beach have placed a significant burden on residents, making it difficult for many to secure stable housing. Florida's Live Local Act, designed to encourage affordable housing, provides the framework for this visionary approach. By allocating almost half of the units to affordable housing, Jesta Group aims to alleviate some of the housing challenges faced by the local population.

The Sky Is the Limit: A 30-Story Marvel

Another exciting aspect of this development plan is the proposed height of the building. With a maximum height of 30 stories, the new establishment will stand as a symbol of progress and innovation in Miami Beach. This height limit not only conforms to city regulations, but also ensures that the new development will integrate seamlessly into the existing skyline.

The opening of the 30-storey structure will not only create additional space for both high-end restaurants and affordable housing units but will also offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city's vibrant landscape.

Jesta Group's commitment to the community

Anthony O'Brien, Senior Managing Director of Jesta Group, expressed the company's unwavering commitment to Miami Beach and its residents. He said, "Since purchasing the Clevelander Hotel & Bar a few years ago, we have been proud to operate this well-known and prestigious establishment in South Beach. While we are pleased to continue our operations, some expressed a desire "We have to change our business model on property."

This statement summarizes Jesta Group's approach to this project. While respecting The Clevelander's rich history, they are attuned to the evolving needs and priorities of the Miami Beach community. By actively responding to these aspirations, Jesta Group is set to create a development that not only pays tribute to the past but also enriches the future.


In conclusion, the transformation plans for The Clevelander Hotel & Bar in Miami Beach are nothing short of extraordinary. This visionary project, which includes a high-end restaurant and affordable housing units, symbolizes Jesta Group's commitment to preserving the city's history while adapting to the changing dynamics of the community.

As this ambitious endeavor moves forward, it is set to become a shining example of how development can enhance the character and inclusivity of a beloved destination. With its historic facades, affordable housing and a 30-story architectural marvel, the project is set to redefine Miami Beach's skyline and provide a brighter future for its residents.


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