Air Canada Incident: Passenger Treatment and Airline Responses Reviewed



Observation of the incident

On a routine flight from Las Vegas to Montreal, Susan Benson, a passenger aboard Air Canada service, encountered an unexpected and extremely disturbing scenario. A previous passenger's illness had left behind a disgusting reminder: vomit-striped seats.

Initial reaction

When passengers boarded the plane, there were initial indications that something was wrong. There was a distinct foul smell in the cabin, which the flight crew tried to hide by applying perfume and coffee grounds. In any aviation environment, ensuring the comfort and well-being of passengers must be of paramount importance. The move raises questions about Air Canada's immediate response measures in such situations.

Disclosure of issue

As Ms Benson detailed in her Facebook post, it was not immediately clear to passengers what the root of the problem was. But this soon became undeniable. The problem stemmed from a previous flight, where a passenger vomited. The situation after the incident was not cleaned up or adequately addressed, which led to this situation.

Although the flight attendant expressed sincere regret, she explained that the flight was full. An attempt was made to reduce the impact of the incident by grinding coffee and spraying perfume in the seat bag. However, despite these measures, the affected seats were still damp, and visible traces of vomit were evident.

Pilot's stance and subsequent controversy

The matter worsened when the pilot intervened. After a few minutes of conversation and discussion, the aggrieved passengers were given a shocking ultimatum. They were given the option to either leave the plane and arrange their own flights at their own expense or face the possibility of being removed by security and potentially put on the no-fly list. As a result, the passengers were removed from the plane by security personnel.

Reflections on the incident

The incident brought out strong emotions from Ms. Benson, who expressed her disappointment, saying that the entire episode left her feeling "ashamed to be Canadian and ashamed of Air Canada." Such reactions highlight the deep impact of such incidents, not only on the passengers affected but on the wider reputation of the airline and the nation it represents.

Statement from Air Canada

In response to the outrage and concerns raised by many, Air Canada issued a statement acknowledging the omission. The airline admitted that passengers "clearly did not receive the standard of care they deserved." Additionally, the company committed to reviewing this serious matter and stressed that standard operating procedures were not properly followed in this case.

Major implications for the aviation industry

Such incidents highlight wider issues related to passenger care, safety and service standards in the aviation industry. Airlines must prioritize the well-being and comfort of their passengers, ensuring that they are not only physically safe but also treated with dignity and respect. The aviation sector thrives on trust and maintaining that trust should always be at the forefront of every decision.


The Air Canada incident serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of maintaining rigorous service standards and addressing passenger concerns promptly and efficiently. This emphasizes the need for robust protocols and procedures to deal with unforeseen situations and ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.


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