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Location based Facebook ads

Your Facebook Ads reach to thousands of facebook account of people living in targeted location

Location based Google ads

Your Google Ads reach to thousands of mobile devices of people living in targeted location

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Sell Products online on AdMyCity the Fast Way. Product ads can help you promote your products when people are browsing online, scrolling Facebook & Instagram, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail or using mobile devices and apps.

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AdMyCity is India's 1st and only
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Admode Plan - Frequenlty Asked Question

1. Who can use AdMyCity Admode Plan?

Any individual or business who meets AdMyCity Listing policy and Terms of Use can opt for Admode Plan Premium Listings.

2. Why should you use AdMyCity Admode Plan?

AdMyCity Admode Plan help you make your ad more visible, reach out to more consumers and sell your product or service faster.

3. How can one select their product or service to be a Premium Admode Listing?

To opt for a Premium Admode Listing, you need to first add your business on AdMyCity. You will have an option to Buy Premium Admode paid Plan. At this stage, you can select for a Premium ad option either for Business Page or Listing.

4. How many types of Ads are there and what does a Ad look like in Admode Plan?

There are 2 types of Premium ads: Business Page Ads + Product Ads. Business page ad helps you promote your Business and details to more people in your city on platform like google, facebook & Instagram. Products ad helps you sell your products online in any location you want.

5. How can I recognise a Admode Ad by AdMyCity ?

All Admode Plan Ads are easily recognizable.Please refer to the examples given on the "Ads by AdMyCity" Page.

6. How do I pay for Admode Plan on AdMyCity?

Currently, we offer all modes of payment options for Premium ads:

  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Google Pay
  • Phone Pay
  • Credit/Debit/Cash Card payment
  • Cheque payment.

You can choose either of these options to pay for your Admode Plan.

7. How long does my Google & Facebook Ads runs?

All Scheduled Google & Facebook Ads on Paid Plan stay Active as long as they meet the Listing Policy and Terms Of Use of the website. All Premium ads runs on scheduled basis for specified Days and reach upto mentioned number of people.

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